Saturday, 31 October 2015

Festive Theme

Hello Friends :)

          I'm very Happy to Participate in Indian Quilling Challenge and this is my first post and that too started with a festive theme.

          The main important festival that we celebrate in the month of October is dussehra which we generally call VijayaDashami. The first nine days are celebrated as Maha Navratri and culminates on the tenth day as Dussehra. VijayaDashami is seen as a day to express gratitude to every thing that bring success in life.

           Celebrations can take many forms ranging from worshiping the goddess Durga Mata to exhibiting colorful gift - starting a new business , buying a new home or vehicle etc. Women performs the puja and offers sweets to Durga Mata.

           This festive mood reflects in my Quilling art. Here is what i want to show you all about my festive mood.

                I'm happy to submit my entry to  IQCG#21 – Make it Festive  and Click Here tknow the challenge details :)

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