Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Under The Sea

Hai Everyone

           Here i created a Under The Sea theme for the contest IQCG challenge -30It took 3 days to complete this project & tried my Best. I think this is the first time i have done this type of Themed project and was excited 

          When i first saw the Challenge Tittle what came to my mind was the sea which contains so many types of sea animals , rocks, uneven grass, shells, and some rusted items which are fallen from the ships and many more. Apart from these the first thing was The Mermaid i just love that mermaid cartoon soo i just gave a try.

 Here i have tried some of them listed above in Quilling

Here is the complete View
Here i used a Handmade Sheet at the back
u can see Mermaid, Tortoise, SeaHorse , Crab , Octopus, Star Fish and some types of fishes.
Along with these See Animals we can see the uneven grass at the bottom , Shells, rocks, and i added an anchor which we can mostly see

Here u can see the closed view of each




Sea Horse 

Octopus & Small Fish

Some Varieties of Fishes

Star Fish

The Most Beautiful Mermaid 

 Leaves, Rocks, Uneven Grass, shells

Leaves, Rocks, Uneven Grass, shells

Final View

Hope you all will like my Effort. Please give your Valuable Comments.

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IQCG#30 - Under the sea